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Dysphagie Diagnostics with rpSzene

rpSzene is the flexible system solution for the digital flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and offers a reliable and individually configurable documentation and evaluation platform.

In addition to classic fibre optics, rpSzene system also allow to be operated with purely digital video rhinolaryngoscopes.

Due to unique performance capabilities, intuitive operation, comprehensive personalization options and the maximum in data security, rpSzene has set new benchmarks and become the market leader in the field of video-based swallowing diagnostics.

Recording video sequences

Simple recording of video sequences with sound or single-frames by mouse click, foot switch or button on the camera head.

Full-screen display with on-screen keys during the examination.

It is optionally possible to use a second camera to record the patient externally. The external view is displayed as Picture-in-Picture inside endoscopic image. Preset options support various lenses or camera systems.

Playback and post-processing video sequences

The user-intuitive post-processing menu facilitates the examination of film sequences on a precise single-frame basis, as well as the deletion of unnecessary parts of the video sequence and the insertion of titles. It is possible to measure single frames and save these separately.

When playing recorded video sequences back, it is possible to steplessly control the image size and playback speed.

Extensive importance has been placed on precise frame work and lip-synchronous audio reproduction and playback.

Preparing medical reports

The rpSzene medical report module is internationally unique and ground-breaking due to its individual report templates and variables, which can be fully tailored to your requirements and working methods. It is possible to log initial comments during the examination and with the subsequent evaluation, which can be subsequently transferred to the medical report automatically.

The transfer of patient data, variables and comments to your personal report template takes place fully automatically. It is possible to insert selected images by dragging and dropping. It is also possible to export selected data to Microsoft Excel for the acquisition of statistics.

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