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Connection to HIS or PACS

We have already successfully implemented a large number of projects with a range of different hospital information systems (HIS or PACS), so we are capable of implementing your project in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Advantages of connecting rpSzene to your information system:

  • Simple to call up patient data, ID numbers and case numbers
  • Ensures unique datasets
  • Patient data can be imported via barcode scanner
  • Task planning (worklist) possible from HIS
  • Simple to transfer reports and attach these to central patient files automatically
  • Patient files are always up-to-date

A HIS connection can be established using HL7, DICOM or a proprietary solution.

rpSzene post-processing stations

Independent of a HIS connection, rpSzene can be installed as a functionally reduced post-processing software on hospital-owned computers, in order to carry out video editing and evaluation in the physician's room or for diagnostics, whilst the recording station can still be used for further examinations.

The software functionality can also be individually configured.

rpSzene - Mobile function for the bedside diagnostic

Various applications, such as bedside diagnostics, make it necessary to use rpSzene in areas where a permanent network connection may not be available. The rpSzene mobile function was especially developed to enable such systems to establish connections with hospital information systems or exchange collected data with other rpSzene workstations.

This allows you to capture examinations on the mobile recording system without an existing network connection. After a network connection is established, the recorded data can be uploaded to a central databas.

This function also provides greater system stability and is the perfect expansion for data backups.

rpSzene WebViewer

The rpSzene WebViewer permits password-protected access to the rpSzene database via web browser, in order to view video and image files, as well as medical reports.

Installation of the rpSzene software is not necessary.


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