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rpSzene is suitable for the expansion of existing systems and is compatible with all conventional camera & stroboscope manufacturers. We offer suitable corresponding adapters here, as well as a broad palette of our own components.


Video camera w/ built-in light source


Space-saving combination of camera and xenon light source.


Kymography camera

The kymography camera delivers 7200 lines per second, which are displayed on over 625 rows. For ease of navigation, the camera displays the kymogram in parallel to the normal laryngoscopic picture, whereby the position of the kymogram camera is marked. It can be switched between laryngoscopy and kymography, and constitutes an economical alternative to the high-speed camera.



We offer a range of diverse and specially equipped trolleys for the various application areas of rpSzene.

Recording control and signalling

Video and/or single-frame recording in rpSzene can also be triggered and halted using a foot switch, wireless mouse or button in the camera head.
We are able to adapt the switching functions of all conventional camera systems here.

Video technology

Video towers are often equipped with various camera systems, delivering a range of different video signals. In order to optimally integrate these, rpSzene offers the possibility of storing specific presets for every camera system. These functions can be supported by special hardware such as programmable video switches, distributors, signal converters and -mixers.

Barcode - Scanner

It is possible to equip rpSzene with a barcode scanner, making the import of patient data from the hospital information system (HIS) even more convenient.
The scanned case number is automatically compared with the master data of the HIS and the case is loaded into the foreground.

Health insurance card reader

For a rapid registration of new patients, rpSzene can also be equipped with a terminal for healthcare cards.

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